Acolyte Order

Ten spirits, nine heroes, six acolytes, four guardians, and a ship full of pirates.
In times of conflict, we run the risk of not only losing the battle, but losing ourselves.
With identity lost, only one question remains.
Can you get it back?
Take the journey and find out.

This is a project that I started back in June of 2007 and finished in July of 2009.
I developed this game in the RPG Maker XP engine. The engine using the Ruby Scripting
language, although I did not touch the scripts for this game, because I wanted to create
this game around the story. In a later release I will implement a system that allows you to
change the party around at times.

The link to download the game is down below, in addition to the link for the Runtime Package.
The extra music that comes with the game folder came from my own music files.
In no way am I selling this music, or would I suggest that you sell the music.

Since I was packaging this game with RPG Maker XP, the game itself does not come with the
Run Time Package needed to play the game. However, you can use the following link to
download the RTP for free.