On this page you can see images and descriptions of various characters from my game series OWD. Due to various constraints such as time and resources, I am unable to post information about all of my characters. The characters that I can post are down below.


Lily is one of the many characters born from the project known as
"Los Angelinos Renegados".
Being the First born, and female, she was given the name of "Eve".
However, she rejected that name and chose the name of Lily for herself.
Why she did this is still unknown. Her weapon of choice is a single
sword that she wields with exceptional skill.

Ezekiel is, like Lily, born from Los Angelinos Renegados.
Being the first male, the Second actual subject, born he was given the name "Adam".
However, he also rejected this name and chose the name of Ezekiel
Due to the fact that he was the second born, and not the first, he has developed
a deep hatred for Lily and is determined to establish his dominance
among the other Angels. He too, fights with a single sword.

Mira was the Third born product of Los Angelinos Renegados.
After having Lily and Ezekiel both reject their given names, Emanuel
allowed all further products to choose their own names. Mira's skills
are those of thieves and her combat skills with a knife are exemplary.
As time progresses, she becomes fascinated by the abilities of the growing
technology, and favors the technology over other methods of performing her duties.

Miliardo is the Fourth born product of Los Angelinos Renegados.
A man of honor and loyalty, he has spent most of his life following the orders
of his superiors without question. While performing his duties, he was involved
in a horrible accident that caused him to lose both of his eyes. Upon his return
he was outfitted with a special helmet that acts as his new eyes. While his
fellow soldiers mock him for continuing to fight without his sight, he can see
others for what they truly are, a trait that saves his life on multiple occasions.

Gaja is the Fifth born product of Los Angelinos Renegados. She
is a stubborn woman who always wants to prove her strength on the battlefield.
However, this same desire has put her in several unpleasant situations over the
course of her life. If it were not for the intervention of Trenasha, who she
considers a sister, it is possible that she would not be alive. Her weapon of
choice is a double sword that can be broken into two separate pieces linked
together by a chain.

Trenasha is the Sixth born product of Los Angelinos Renegados.
A soldier skilled in fighting with a lance, her custom lance is designed
to attack with hyper sonic waves from both ends, allowing her to cripple
her enemies in order to accomplish her mission. Her ability to keep a level
head even in the most brutal of battles has earned her the right to command
entire divisions of soldiers, in addition to helping her sister, Gaja, survive.
It should go without saying, that she is not a woman to be taken lightly.

Alexander is the Seventh Angel born of Los Angelinos Renegados.
A gifted user of magic, this man can easily utilize the power of all spells,
be they attack, healing, or support spells. During one confrontation with
the heroes, his right arm is severed by someone from his own side. After
replacing his arm with a mechanical one, his magic abilities are drastically
reduced. However, he is quick to learn how to channel the magic into his
robotic arm and, with the aid of martial arts skills, turns his arm into his
most deadly weapon.

8th born of Los Angelinos Renegados, Gregory.

During the development of the Ninth Angel Yin, a strange
event occurred. In the tank, Yin began to split off from himself and
resulted in the development of a twin. One that was a very dark color
while Yin remained his pale white color. This twin then came to be known
as the Tenth Angel Yang. Ever since, the twins have always been on assignment
together and continue to use their similarities and differences to confuse and
battle the heroes of the story.

Carmen is the Eleventh product of Los Angelinos Renegados.
Her distinguishing features includes her pink hair and the multitude of
tattoos that cover her body. She is highly skilled in numerous forms of
martial arts and can easily take down any number of armed opponents with
her bare hands. However, unlike others of Los Angelinos Renegados, she is not
as eager to utilize her skills and prefers to use them only when they are
completely necessary.

Bakaron is the Twelfth born product of Los Angelinos Renegados.
Throughout his life, he has studied a multitude of styles for hand-to-hand
combat. He is introduced early on in the series, and quickly develops a
disturbing obssession to defeat the main character and his brothers.
Eventually, he is able to overcome this obssession and once again become
the fierce martial artist that he is known to be.

Elena is the Thriteenth product born of Los Angelinos Renegados.
In her early days, she would be sent out as an assassin or as a front line
soldier. As the battles went on, her mental stability began to break down.
Now her sanity is broken beyond any hope of repair. The red of her eyes and hair
are nothing more than the blood of all the enemies that she has killed. Before
her breakdown, she would try desperately to rid her body of the blood, to no avail.
Now it serves as a reminder to her of all the death and destruction that she has
left, and that she is an unholy monster. In the early stages of the series, she
only ever opens up to Lily, believing that her "eldest sister" can help her to
forget all the pain, if only for a short time. But as time progresses, she develops
feelings for one of the Hunter Brothers, causing her to add sniper styled weaponry
to her arsenal with her dual sabers.

Solara was a naturally born Hunter who lived on the planet Earth.
In her own time, she met up with the main character, currently called Kazuma,
and developed a very close relationship with him. As a result, Kazuma taught
Solara everything that he knew about how to fight, bringing the two even closer
than before. However, when Kazuma did not show up to help her at the most
crucial battle of the Hunter War, she was left with two options. Die or join
Keldor. Influenced by the rage caused by Kazuma's disappearance, she chose to join
Keldor. Throughout the saga, Solara will begin to question her decision and
her true relationship with Kazuma.

Many stories surround the character of Kendara himself. Legend
has it that over 10,000 years ago, he fought face-to-face with The Destroyer
himself, and won. However, after so many years, he appears again as an enemy
of the heroes. Considered to be the Original Master of Speranza, his combat
abilities put the skills of Kazuma to the test on several occasions.