The Forgotten Soldiers

The world is torn apart by wars. Nations that were once allies, are now enemies.
A man who is on the run from his own nation, torn apart by civil war, is the only one who can
reunite the union of nations that once existed. But the instigators of war will always be there
to stir about the seeds of conflict. Can this hero and his companions overcome these trials
and restore peace to the world.

This is a project that I started about 2 years ago in the RPG Maker VX engine. Much like the RPG Maker XP
engine, it takes a long time to complete a game when you are the only one working on it.
Therefore, the download link that I am going to include does not feature a completed game,
however, I have managed to implement other gameplay elements such as being able to swap members
of your party from town maps,the world map, and the battle screens. I also managed to implement
a questbook system so that you can keep track of the story and other side quests. However,
given the difficulty of the Ruby language, I had to use scripts that I had found online that were
available for use for these kinds of projects. In addition to these other elements, the story and the world map
are much more massive than Acolyte Order, so it's going to take me some time before I produce
a completed story, but I am working on it as fast as I can.

The link to download the game is down below. Also, unlike RPG Maker XP
I was able to include the Run Time Package with the game itself, so you can download the game
and get right to playing the game.